About us

RM Passion is the Pakistan Biggest Retail Fashion Company. Established in 2015, RM Passion is a fashion brand created for the spirited youth of Pakistan who enjoy indulging in the latest lifestyle trend, and meeting the public’s demand for on trend western wear in Pakistan.
RM Passion has separate product lines in order to cater to all segments and their demands - men, women and Kids. Within each line we offer a wide range of products which fulfil to a variety of different styles and preferences, from highly fashionable, on trend pieces to athleisure garments to more casual, every day attire and basic apparel.
What We Stand For
It’s our mission to change the way people find clothes they love by combining technology with the personal touch of seasoned style experts. The RM Passion experience is not merely curated—it’s truly personalised to you. We’re here to help you save time, look great and evolve your personal style over time.
How We Got Here
Founder Junaid Sheikh created RM Passion to blend the human element of personal styling with high-quality clothing and proprietary algorithms. He shipped the first RM Passion order out of his Lahore Factory Azee International  in 2011, and today the company has brought the exclusive shopping experience to millions of men and women nationwide. In 2019, we launched men’s & Kid’s Collection, and extended our women’s Collection 2020.